January 26, 2016

About Us

Indian Tech-Keys is the brainchild of R.V.C.E, Bangalore alumni which came up with an intention to make the students dear to technology. We take them very close and they will be disclosed to various technologies used in the real time apart from syllabus. It will help them bring up their hidden passion and decide their career. Hands on practice technique what we use, will develop more interest among them and they will be more excited to know more and more as they will inspect the results of what they have done.

We believe that all complicated engineering theory concepts can be converted into practical modules by fallowing some innovative steps. Hence we started with first PCB designing,Embedded system training , Embedded programming and robotics training. Though our well structured lectures , workshops and other practical sessions. We help students to understand current leading technology which will help them to implement their innovative ideas . Our sessions are planned to help students open-up their mind and begin to look at engineering in a much broader perspective.

How Indian Tech-Keys Helps the students’ community ?

1. Way for Getting placed in a good core company.

The students passing out every year are placed in many different companies. Very less number of resources are placed in the core companies due to lack of the core field skills in them . This workshop will definitely help students to gain a heap of knowledge about their core subjects, which will differentiate them from the rest of the competitors and make them unique. They can implement their innovative ideas and make their dream come true.

“Not having a risk is also a risk”

2. Entrepreneurship.

It is estimated that around 750,000 engineering graduates are passing out every year in India. The increase in number of pass outs and the rate of employments are not going hand in hand. The unemployment rate has increased to 10.3 million according to the audit conducted in 2012. Around 50% of the community is self-employed. Self-employment is the best employment. Here comes the concept of Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is unlikely to be a panacea for solving the youth unemployment problem but it can be a part of the response. “Not having a risk is also a risk” Entrepreneurship is often associated with risks and challenges that make the hardships worthwhile. As Steve Jobs said “Not having a risk is also a risk” so initial struggle is complete. It has to overcome a little bit of hard time in the building stage to live the life like no one can.

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most of people won’t,

so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”

Entrepreneurship rocks because it provides the way to implement your ideas and work accordingly. “If you don’t build your dream, then someone will hire you to make their dream come true” is a great saying. Entrepreneurship helps us to have more flexible work schedule/life balance, gives individuals more creative control and freedom to make their own decisions, enables us to be true to ourselves, our beliefs and our values, allows us to be determine to our own success, destiny and self-worth. A little bit of hard work can pay you with more returns.

  • Job Creation

By being enterprising, creative and finding a market niche, not only are they able to generate an income for themselves but also to employ other individuals in their business operations. Therefore, one of the most positive impacts that entrepreneurs make on an economy is job creation and the reduction of unemployment levels. In developed countries we see that almost 40 – 50% of the work forces are employed in small and medium scale business enterprises that were started up by very enterprising individuals. Likewise in countries like India, we see that millions of people have been able to pull their families out of poverty through self-employment and entrepreneurship that has been made possible by different Non-Governmental Organizations and due to the availability of such resources through micro finance etc. Therefore based on everything that has been stated above it is apparent that entrepreneurs can cause a great degree of impact on an economy through job creation and income generation.

  • New Markets

Increased competition in the marketplace can cause saturation and as a result many entrepreneurs maybe driven to seek new markets for their products and services or adapt market penetration tactics. Either way such a phenomena of increased competition, which ultimately causes individuals to look for new markets, can be considered as a positive impact on the economy. Therefore, entrepreneurs can be considered to play a very important role in the economy. As integration of economies continues due to globalization, entrepreneurs often tend to look for markets that are outside of their domestic sphere thus generating foreign revenue and increasing the prosperity of the economy as a whole. While this may be a very simplistic explanation of the impact that entrepreneurs make on an economy. Entrepreneurship helps us to b self-employed with self-satisfaction. It handles the unemployment by creating Jobs for others. It helps in finding a new market for business expansion as the competition is high. Finally it contributes allot for the Indian economy.

Awards and Acknowledgments.
  • Awarded from IEEE community of Oxford College Of Engineering for Quality workshop.
  • Recognized by RS Components and Controls India PVT LTD for conducting  workshops in Karnataka .
  • Associated with YUVA Impulse . 


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