Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design Workshop @ Dpt. Of ECE, Dayananda Sagar College Of Engineering


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This blog is all about sharing great moments of recent workshop “Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design” organized by Dpt. Of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering, Bengaluru on 2nd 3rd and 4th March , 2017. The workshop session were designed to cover all basic concepts of PCB using DesignSpark Tool and fabrication Printed Circuit Boards of some application based circuits like Regulated power supply, Relay, DTMF decoder and few more.

First Day (2nd March 2017): As we all know, “Necessity Is Mother Of Invention”. Before learning any new technology, we should know necessity of learning that technology?.  To make students realize necessity of PCB technology, we kick started with circuit rig up on the breadboard which involves manual wiring. After few circuits rig up, they realized difficulties of manual wiring such as loose connections, complexity in debugging, space occupied for complete circuit rig up.

Post lunch, all participants were eagerly waiting to learn smart technology which will remove the problems in manual wiring. Thereafter we started PCB technology introduction with PCB terminologies and basics explanation.  Next session was followed by DesignSpark PCB tool explanation; this helped them for easy schematic preparation of the assigned module. Day was ended with reaching expected target of schematic capture.

Second Day (3rd March 2017): The day started with PCB foot print design process where component placement in less area was challenging factor. Students surprised us with smart component placement which was compact PCB design.

Moving to the important part in PCB fabrication such as toner transfer using Ironing, etching and drilling. Afternoon session was more Hands-On where students transferred footprint on copper clad with heating procedure, followed toner transfer inspections, error corrections using permanent marker and etching the copper clad to get PCB. A quick quiz session was necessary to make revision of the topics covered in two days.


Third Day (4th March 2017): On this day, students were busy with drilling, components placement and modules testing and integration. Since students were able to see the result of their twoo days hard work on this day, it was exciting day.

Post unit wise modules testing, we carried out further sessions with modules integration where students were able to work on practical application of their modules with live hardware simulation.

Every great mind needs an encouragement; hence there was observation of best performance. We invited HOD of EC Dpt. and Principle, DCSE for observation of workshop flow. Next session was followed by distribution of best performer certificates and group PIC process where glow of happiness from the students brought more value for the group PIC. Finally we came to end of PCB workshop which was taken place with target of taking next level training.


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