Embedded System Workshop @ Global Academy of Technology, Bengaluru on 17th – 21st Jan’2017


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Indian tech keys recently conducted a 5days workshop on “Embedded System Applications to Electrical and Electronics Engineering” at the prestigious Global Academy of Technology (GAT) from 17th to 21st Jan’2017. Workshop was all about making students to understand the basic concepts of Embedded systems and accomplished the same through on hands on experience with the process of designing and building a fully functioning end user product. Needless to say, with the co-operation of faculty, workshop went fine and finished with the grand success. Students absolutely loved and involved in every part of the workshop during concept to product development cycle.

The first day was focused on delivering knowledge about PCB Technology and PCB footprint design using DesignSpark PCB software. They gained enough skills to design PCB foot print and were ready with optimized footprint design at the EOD.




The 2nd and 3rd day, students were completely focused PCB fabrication. They had hands-on experience of footprint transfer, etching, drilling, placing components, soldering and debugging the circuit boards. 

This part of the workshop made students to involve more, since they were able to finally understand the actual work which goes into making circuit boards and could practically implement them. The day ended with the students ready with all the circuits needed for final assembly and testing.


 On 4th day students were involved in integrating all modules and adding intelligence to their “Smart Home Automation” kit using embedded system programming. This part of workshop was surprising to us, as we observed innovative programming skills of electrical students.


Fifth day was smart day for all participants as they were involved in Android App development and integration with their kit. These sessions were very interesting for the students as they were absolutely fascinated and overjoyed by the amazing results they got from their circuits and witnessed. They were especially fascinated to see the voice control work on the switching of the loads

There was a game session in between the long theoretical sessions lightens the mood which worked wonderfully well…!





The workshop ended with a bang as all the students got their output and very happy to see their handmade circuits work like magic. Students were happy and they wanted us to extend the workshop. But, as all things have an end, we too had to conclude a wonderful and productive week and bid goodbye. We distributed certificates at the end of the day and gave special awards for the most active participant per team.Every great mind needs an encouragement and support to have great success. We had a great support from management of Global Academy of Technology and Dr.Vidya(HOD) and team from electrical department.

We are going back with a bigger event next time and have complete home and determination to make it an even grander success!


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