Android Controlled+Collision detection+Line follower ROBOTICS workshop for Mechanical Engineering students@New Horizon College, Bangalore on 02-04 July 2016.


Hi Folks,

There was a warm welcome to us by the staff and the students of the college on 02/07/2016.Started the workshop with two way communication from students and ITK Team. A small interaction went with students to know about all the students of mechanical department in brief.

Here we go…!!!

We could see the sign of excitement in every student in the class. All were pleased to hear that we are going to prepare the ROBOT by the end of the workshop. Students came up with more interest when they saw the end product.

Robot preparation consisted of 3 IR signal circuits, 1 motor driver circuit, Arduino Nano along with Wi-Fi receiver. Intended to give hands on training, division of team took place where all the students were divided in to two groups and each group started to work on each circuit out of 5 circuits set and module which was a part of the Robot.

To design those circuits we used Designspark software which helped us in converting pen paper work into Schematic diagram then to Foot print. After getting foot print diagram etching process is done and PCB (Printed Circuit Board).Designing was done in one day followed by etching and placing on components on the PCB the next day .By the end of second day, we had all circuits ready and unit test also finished.

Finally only job let was assembling the circuits. Students were involved in giving the final touch up to their robot. The next process was preparing android application which was done using Android studio. During this process, all our team of ITK surprised by looking at involvement of mechanical students in software development even though they are from less coding background. Later session followed by Arduino nano programming using Arduino IDE which was involved with reception of signal and motor control for all three modes (Manual mode, Line follower and collision detection).

It was done successfully and the surroundings were filled with joy of success. Our robot started following our instructions and was controlled by our application which was connected through Wi-Fi. For each modes of control, demo was given and students were happy with participant in success of the workshop.

Hope this joy and smile continues on the face of the upcoming engineers all along their life. Wishing them a very bright future from Indian-Tech Keys (ITK) .

–Team ITK

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