PCB Workshop @ Electronics Department, New Horizon College , Bangalore

PCB Workshop @ NHCE, Bangalore-18/04/2016

Hi everyone!!

Recently Indian tech-keys conducted a workshop on PCB technology at New Horizon College, Bangalore on 18-04-2016 and workshop started at sharp 10:00am. The time we entered the lab all students were seated with full interest and discipline was their cup of tea. We were able to know they were very curious to learn things and this added for a wonderful start.

We were in team of three; as soon as we begin the workshop all of us were totally involved. The first half went on installing Design Spark software and designing the schematic diagrams of the circuits. Students were grouped into three teams with ten each and gave each group to design the unique circuit diagram. All the students were given individual attention and our team was totally involved in helping students to design. The morning session went on this way and our involvement was interrupted by lunch break.

Welcome back after a happy meal.. !! All students were present in the lab before the bell. We all could notice that all students were still trying to improvise there Foot print design. They were very creative. After everybody was ready with their design we collected all of them and selected the best design and we started the etching process. This was the very interesting part as it involves the interaction of many equipments and dealing with acids. Did the etching process with full perfection.

Placement of components was our next step. As expected placed soldered the PCB and the circuit was working absolutely fine.

Workshop was successfully completed on time with the cooperation of the students. Now it was the time for motivation. Any great mind needs motivation to bring out their hidden talents. So, we took some time discussing and inspiring Students to implement their idea which is the main motto of our workshop. Our team always awards the best and so did. We found out the extremely dedicated students out of all and there was a small token of encouragement from our team.

We had a patriotic ending with a stand up National Anthem, all what we do is to give a spark to students ideas and ignite their hidden passion as they are the pillars of Nation. This was a small tribute to India from Indian Tech keys.


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